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Work, School, and Travel Exams

Work Or School Exams

At Honeygo Pediatrics, we can take care of your childs' work or school physicals. These are crucial because they insure your loved one stays in good health, as well as protecting those around them. Every child, teenager, or young adult should receive a physical examination before starting school or even a new job. A typical physical exam includes gethering medical history, observing and evaluating posture, mobility, joints and organs, as well as vision and hearing tests. There are many good reasons for an individual to have a medical examination prior to attending school or work. All involve protecting individual children and their classmates.

During a school or work physical, we evaluate the following:

Travel Exams

The best time to make an appointment for a travel exam is at least 4-6 weeks before your trip. Recommendations for vaccines or medications depend on many different factors that are specific to each person. This includes where you are traveling, the length of your trip, any activities you may do, and additional personal factors such as age, medical and immunization history, as well as one's current medical state. We will provide the best advice depending on your child's situation. If your child was recently sick or if they find themselves sick at the time of planned travel, be sure to notify us. Traveling while they are sick may put their health at risk or put others around them at risk for getting sick.

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